Larry Nassar’s Shadow Dampens The Spirit of The Olympics

Larry Nassar’s Shadow Dampens The Spirit of The Olympics

NBC’s airing the opening of the Olympics games tonight, but this year, an air of corruption and deviousness follows the once innocent reputation of the Olympics Games and in a time of great partisan divide, the power of the games may not be able to bring the country together.

Consider that while I may not be able to name one Team USA skier off the top of my head, I know that the board of USA Gymnastics, Federation Internationale de Football Association (Fifa), the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have all been in the spotlight for various incredible scandals and I don’t even follow sports!

The National Broadcasting Channel itself has seen its fair share of scandal too, with the firing of Matt Lauer, a very public face at the Olympics Games representing the network.

Father lunges toward Larry Nassar.

Larry Nassar himself has instilled such rage into the relatives of all the his sexual abuse victims that momentarily, we as a country basically said it would be fine if a father of one of those athletes wanted to torture him for a few minutes. Why not? It wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s happened in this country.

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the often scandalous Olympic Games, and usually in the spirit of world peace, the scandals are kept down. Unless players go crazy, then it’s kind of hard to ignore.

The fact that FIFA is embroiled in bribery scandals, the IAAF’s Russia Doping scandal (but they will be in S.Korea), and the IOC’s ineffective policies regarding sexual allegations, in which allegations of conspiracy at the highest levels and more revelations are appearing in headlines everyday, is something every American around the world should be considering as they sit down once again to watch sports that they never get to see otherwise. There’s something rotten at the heart of it all, and it’s going to take years before we know everything.