Is the Stargate Franchise Dead?

Is the Stargate Franchise Dead?

It doesn’t seem like making a reboot of Stargate should be the first thing on anybody’s minds, but there has actually been solid plans by the original creators Ronald Emmerich and Dean Deviln to reboot the highly successful franchise and to give it a modern look. Well considering that SG-1 only ended in 2007, Atlantis in 2008, and Universe in 2009. I really don’t get why this was in the works at all.

Obviously Stargate is a HUGE shared Universe in itself. I guess with plenty of story left to tell. However, it looks like this new trilogy is dead in the water. With Dean Devlin saying that it got killed because there were too many hands in the pot. Since Stargate was produced independently at first, all the studio infighting has unfortunately killed the project that obviously it’s creators were passionate about.

I’ve seen this happen too often with franchise potentials or reboots. If studios execs stopped the infighting we fans would get quality content. This may be what the problem is in the DC Universe and it’s what ultimately killed the Red Mars project.