Is Silicon Valley Behind the Internet’s New Found Love For Hot Dogs?

Is Silicon Valley Behind the Internet’s New Found Love For Hot Dogs?

What came first the the Meme, the App, or the show?

Silicon Valley has a knack for getting tech culture and at times it seems like they aren’t just copying what happens in the tech world but they are in fact setting the tone.

For the past month the internet has been collectively obsessed with a single food meme. Dancing Hot Dog. No Silicon Valley did not feature an episode with a dancing hot dog, but in May Silicon Valley was conjuring a hot dog trend all it’s own. As I talked about then, the Not Hot Dog app idea was such fun that the HBO team actually created it for real world consumption.

Jokes about the snapchat are thrown around on the show and the cast are active themselves on the social network. CEO Evan Spiegel even was cameoed in season 2. So it’s clear that the tech world is obsessed with what happens on Silicon Valley maybe even moreso than the political world is obsessed with what happens on House of Cards.

So is it a coincidence that just a month after HBO released Not Hot Dog Snapchat comes out with another hot dog thing? What’s more is that this app is an app that throws hot dogs around like they are candy! Yes, essentially making everything into a hot dog or rather a platform for one. I could see snapchat being jealous of the success of the hot dog on the show, or maybe the producers got a preview of the meme and decided to devote an entire episode to hot dogs just because they could. I could totally seem Mike Judge doing that. As I highlighted Snapchat does have a relationship with the show and in the days of shared universes anything is possible.