Is Bright Netflix’s First Big Movie Franchise?

Is Bright Netflix’s First Big Movie Franchise?

After putting out dud after dud movies, Netflix might actually have a blockbuster on their hands. In one of the most surprising news to come out of Comic-Con, Will Smith stars in Bright a movie about a fantasy land in 21st century North America that reportedly had a budget of $100 Million!

If you are looking for a fantasy movie that has nothing to do with comic books, you’re out of luck! Fantasy, the genre that used to be all about dwarves, elves, goblins, and fairies have all but shied away from the big screen ever since Lord of the Rings took over the franchise almost a decade ago. Even Pixar’s friendliness to the genre has shied away from it. Focusing instead on their own popular franchises that have more to do with fish, toys, and cars instead of generic fantasy characters, like in Shrek.

There’s already talk of an extended universe for Bright. Netflix hopes it will become a franchise with a few movies. Fans are already speculating that the movie looks like a pilot for a TV series rather than say, a trilogy of films. The darker grittier tone of the movie has the type of feeling that most studios bulked at. Analysts say that the movie would not have the same feeling if they went with a major studio to produce it.

Bright pairs Will Smith’s cop with an orc as they hunt for magic wands in a sort of Middle Earth in the 21st century feeling. The concept is simple but with a lot of breathing room! With already 3 Million views for the fun high-octane trailler Christmas can’t come soon enough: