Is Big Little Lies the Right Franchise for Sexual Harrassment/Feminism?

Is Big Little Lies the Right Franchise for Sexual Harrassment/Feminism?

Hollywood is rightly jumping onto the #Metoo bandwagon. I expect the 2019 TV pilot season to be full of TV shows that feature strong women, feminist ideals, and exposing sexual harassment. Even long running male dominated TV shows will feature more of these topics.

While Big Little Lies may have predicted the future, and right out of the gate was one of the best Television shows I’ve ever seen, fans have criticized HBO for green-lighting a second season. Technically expanding on the original source material. Even the show’s title which perfectly sums up what was once a long-standing secret in Suburban America, could collapse under it’s own name as budgets and ideas get bigger and the world these characters live in grows.

Big Little Lies is simply that. A little secret about abusive relationships that ends deadly, but as Season 2 gets going with movie star Meryl Streep leading the way, it’s already getting too big for it’s own good! HBO cannot turn this show into another soapy soap opera preaching to the choir.

In terms of feminism and strong female characters. Other franchises have been secretly marching forward way before Big Little Lies was ever written.

Take for instance Law & Order SVU which has re-branded itself as they rip sexual harassment cases from the headlines over the years. Olivia Benson is still one tough cookie, but the show doesn’t necessarily need her. Unlike Big Little Lies, SVU can, if it wants to last another decade! As one of the most relevant shows on TV, it keeps getting great ratings, and as it goes past the original Law & Order episode count making it the longest running TV show in Television history it’s focus on the topic of sexual harassment and tougher topics has never wavered.

Supernatural has always featured strong female characters and the most exciting TV pilot for the 2018 TV season has got to be Wayward Sisters. The all female monster hunting spin-off ultimately expanding the Supernatural Universe and solidifying it on TV screens for the foreseeable future. Currently in it’s 13th season, with no signs of slowing down, Supernatural itself is also a contender for one of the longest running TV shows in history-where women kick ass.

Big Little Lies isn’t solely about sexual harassment, but it is a large part of the story-line and it risks turning into Showtime’s The Affair by expanding, but as I am all for expanding media properties and franchises, I’m looking forward to seeing more big little lies.