Is Amazon Studios in Danger of Shutting Down?

Is Amazon Studios in Danger of Shutting Down?

In recent days Harvey Weinstein is claiming more victims than just the famous women of Hollywood. A rather new upstart in the Hollywood world is Amazon Studios which took the world by storm with hits like Transparent, The Man in the High Castle, and Bosch along with various successful movies, but it has since been on shaky ground.

Now, three executives have left the struggling studio. The head of film and TV at Amazon Roy Price has been fired because of sexual harassment charges and the fallout continues. Joe Lewis, Roy Price’s top guy at Amazon has been embroiled in the Price scandal and has since left the company. He was in charge of Drama and Comedy. Now the guy who was in charge of reality TV at Amazon Conrad Riggs is also let go, but that had little to do with Weinstein and more to do with his management style. Another Amazon executive has also left to structure Apple’s future TV ambitions.

Despite all this trouble Jeff Bezos still says Amazon wants to stay in the TV game and is willing to spend $4 billion to get creative hits in order to compete with Netflix. As the TV market gets more fractured one of these streaming giants has to fail in their efforts and if Amazon doesn’t turn things around faster, they might be the first! Perhaps they should have listened to Actress Rose McGowan who warned Amazon that they shouldn’t do business with Harvey Weinstein.