In Speech of Many Lies Trump Blames ‘Crooked Media’ For All His Problems

In Speech of Many Lies Trump Blames ‘Crooked Media’ For All His Problems

President Trump spent 40 minutes lying to the American people last night, but that’s all the media’s fault! Usually pundits aren’t shy about stating that fact after Trump does a big speech like this. What’s unprecedented is what MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell did instead.

Interrupting the President and telling his audience that the President is indeed lying to them. CNN did not interrupt, Fox did not interrupt and Broadcasting Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) moved their TV schedules around for the speech. On twitter O’Donnell tweeted:

Before the speech in Arizona, the Washington Post had collected the thousands of lies Trump has told, CNN aired a segment questioning Trump’s sanity, and now with a very public feud with Mitch McConnell. On top of all of that you have James Clapper worried about Trump having his hands on the Nuclear Codes.  Not to mention the whole Charlottesville mess.

All of these stories were original pieces by the mainstream media, the ones Trump spent 40 minutes bashing last night. If all of these media sources are concocting stories about Trump, in an effort to bring him down, he should realize that by voicing that concern, he is letting them win! The Deal-Maker is letting the media get to him, in the worst public way imaginable! But I guess since because all the people in his audience last night were wearing Make America Great Again Hats, the country is really coming together and the media has it wrong huh… NOT!!