Imagining the Fire and Fury TV Show

Imagining the Fire and Fury TV Show

Fire & Fury is going to be a TV show that will probably fail. Political shows based on real people don’t usually do well. There have been some exceptions like USA’s Political Animals, but even that was only loosely based on the Clintons, and it depends on how you define loosely based. Conservatives can also claim that Madam Secretary is also loosely based on a certain female secretary of state.

Yet, Fire and Fury is an interesting development in political TV history. The book itself almost reads like a trashy reality TV show, and with plenty of Trump impersonators finding Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Whatever network decides to pick up the show won’t have any trouble finding their Trump. But should Trump even be included in the show itself?

What if, they take a below decks approach to politics? The likes of which has never really been seen in political TV except for one-off law and order episodes about dead campaign staffers. Political TV shows are always about the dynasty, family legacy, or far reaching conspiracies about to take down the President. It’s about time we get the inside story as to how people working under this crazy President feels whenever he tweets out something that threatens to demolish everything they were working on. Fire & Fury is the perfect platform in which to show that.