Humans Will Be a Very Different Show in Season 3

Humans Will Be a Very Different Show in Season 3

An Executive with a moral compass needs to be the one who renews Humans for a third and final season, instead of cancelling it in spite like a Synth who has just gained consciousness.

After all, that’s where season 2 leaves us, where the robotic awakening has just begun! Yet the slow-burn journey that we took to get here was nothing short of mind-blowing, even if it did go heavy on those philosophical discussions that seemed to go nowhere. It was the first show to bring Robotic Rights and Transbot issues to the masses for the first time. It talked about being on the precipice of human consciousness uploading and how to start a Robotic awakening.

So now, that the Robotic awakening has started what could happen in Season 3? Could they do a time jump a few years later after things begin to normalize and there are no more Robot slaves? It seems like most of the robots we saw in the final minutes of the two hour season finale were acting more like Hester. Disregarding their duties and purposefully messing up their tasks out of spite. No more obeying their human overlords!

The question remains should we see more of this rebellion and what form should it take? Should it take a more blockbuster action type approach or not? If Season 3 holds onto its philosophical ways, we might see the human species being toyed with by the ever increasing power of the AI, and our losing our place as the dominant species on this planet. Yet a more action-packed season of Humans could lead us to the same route. Hester has already pointed out that she didn’t recognize human authority so some of that code will eventually boil over into other synths. With that notion season 3 could go even farther and this also depends on where exactly in the timeline Season 3 goes. We could see synth cops, teachers, even politicians. Synths in positions of authority whereas before humans would never even let them go there. Would we see the young AI V, take her proper place as the leader of this synth army?

We are also beginning to understand why this show is called Humans, instead of Synths. This is about the Synths, it is their story. The story of their awakening but all humans are becoming the enemy. It can’t end here.