How Larry King Just Broke Donald Trump

Well another day, another Trump controversy and this one is a doozy.

Most of the media were scratching their heads today as Donald Trump happened to appear on Russian state TV talking about the “corrupt” US media. The premise of this idea is rather easy to stipulate. Plus RT is not one to shy away from US criticism or hiring those who do. Yet that doesn’t stop some millennials who are so anti-American that they view RT as a more trusting network to tune into. Yet now Trump’s claim is that Larry King tricked Trump into doing the RT interview and he was never meant to appear on there.

Doesn’t that excuse take away from the point Trump was trying to make in the interview?? I guess RT isn’t so much better huh?

The thing to take away from all this is that Larry King not only just crashed The Donald’s Strongman image, He also destroyed not only the argument Trump was making at the time, but also the incorrigible image that Trump has sold on the campaign trail thus far. If Donald Trump billionaire extraordinaire can be apparently tricked by the likes of Larry King. How would he honestly fare against a country like China????

After Matt Lauer’s disastrous handling of Trump and Clinton during his interview with both candidates, Larry King is now once again King of the media, and he can take home the crown that says he broke through Trump’s glass ceiling.


Update: King speculates on Trump’s abrupt end to the interview-