How I Met Your… Franchise is in the Works

How I Met Your… Franchise is in the Works

Three years after the failed attempt to launch a spinoff of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, 20th century TV is back writing another pilot script, with Alison Bennett tapped to write it.

Her work is hailed in Hollywood circles while working on You’re the Worst and it gives TV execs both at Fox and CBS hope that the spinoff can finally get off the ground. With the success that Will & Grace is already having at NBC, CBS not only needs a big-name spinoff to compete but also a general likable comedy at that too.

In this spinoff the mother will be telling the story to her kids about how she met their father, pretty simple but critics are already lamenting about how HIMYM was a one-off success that really can’t be expanded into it’s own franchise. If successful we could see a whole new slew of How I Met Yours…  Brother, Wife, Uncle Etc… The question is can they each last more than one season on their own and stay fresh and current? Yet a better idea may be just an anthology series with the your character changing each season as it stays in the universe HIMYM helped create.

However something tells me that anything in the Mother universe that doesn’t have Neil Patrick Harris attached to the project, is doomed to fail.