Hollywood Should Go Beyond, Star Trek’s Enterprise

Hollywood Should Go Beyond, Star Trek’s Enterprise

With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the risks Disney is taking with Star Wars. Disney also owns Marvel. Star Trek seems to be stuck on the Enterprise, but it shouldn’t be this way. Star Trek was and still should be a Cinematic Universe.

At the height of Star Trek’s popularity in the 1990s. You had various characters roam onto the different shows and it was a Franchise Universe before Hollywood knew what a Franchise Universe was. While everyone is of course still attached to our favorite starship, there is talk of an expansion franchise taking place in the JJ Abrams’ Kelvin universe. Breathe a sigh of relief people! It won’t affect the Enterprise’s legacy!

Doug Jung the writer of Star Trek Beyond hints that he would love to do a Zero Dark Thirty version of Star Trek or a movie about Starfleet Academy. The question is without our crew, would audiences tune in?

The current iteration of the Star Trek movies were made to bring more trekkies into the fold and for all intents and purposes it worked. It’s unclear how the current wave of geekish super hero movies helped, but it seems Star Trek has risen above it’s nerdiness and has become cooler than it ever was.

These Star Trek franchise movies like SW: Rouge One could essentially be lower budget one off but smart films that explores problems on a certain colony, technological mishaps, Klingons, or even time travel. After however many Kirk based movies Paramount might want to make, he could get well, pretty boring. Paramount has a vast untouched gold mine here that should be fleshed out to any trekkie’s hearts content.