Hints of Transparency Cracks Hollywood’s Dirty Secret:

Hints of Transparency Cracks Hollywood’s Dirty Secret:

A type of Hollywood reform has been a long time coming. For far too long there have been stories swept under the rug of sexual harrassment from models or actresses in the industry as well as children and child models. 

Its been said that Hollywood executives are often the nerdy kids in school so once they get a lick (pun intended) of power when they grow up to be adults it goes straight to their dicks. 

The image of the older male Hollywood executive hitting on women and promising them roles in their movies is so well known and almost passes as a joke. Its often been perceived as an innocent proposition and nothing more. Its not. 

This is larger than Harvey Weinstein. This is a systemic problem in the industry. In industries with powerful men and young naive women. Like the Fox News scandals before it, this is more than toppling one man. It has to be.

Weinstein is only the first card to fall in what seems to be a Hollywood house of cards built on sex and fear. More often than not the women and the men who are victims are afraid to speak out for fear of losing future jobs for not doing one in particular.

Amazon Studios programming chief Roy Price is the next target in a long list of movie moguls that goes right to the president’s inner circle. He is effectively on leave after accusations of sexual assault were revealed by a producer of Man in the High Castle.