Hillary Clinton Suffers From “Medical Episode” at 9/11 Event in NYC; Being Treated for Pneumonia.


I think the treatment this story has received from usually well-rounded media has highlighted just how well oiled the Clinton propaganda machine really is. Then again the she is going to die soon conspiracy theories will never be proven akin to birtherism and somewhat ageist. However, the polarizing aspect of this news should NOT take away from facts. It is not as hot as it was in NYC over the past few days, it is actually quite mild and comfortable. I’m not sure why Clinton was overheated, especially since she likes to point to the fact that she is a life-long New Yorker. Shouldn’t she be used to NYC weather?

Despite the naysayers and the Campaign’s continuing promise that she is a pillar of health, this story is BIG News. Both candidates said they weren’t going to do the memorial a few weeks ago, and now they are. One has fallen ill during the speech and had to leave. Imagine if that happened during the State of the Union speech or any other time she was President. It would receive the same treatment that this story is getting. I am very concerned for Clinton’s health and so should you! Hillary Clinton is probably about the most controlled person in the world. Her emails proved that she had aides trying to find out what time Madam Secretary was on TV so that they could record it, for her! She has been in the public spotlight for most of her life and not ONCE has her health come into focus like this. She HAS been a picture perfect health in the past or at least it was able to be controlled well enough for her people to hide any lingering illnesses. Now that her people obviously can’t hide the coughing and the fainting I think one can reasonably assume something is going on and that we aren’t getting the full story.

The extent of which we may never know. Update NYT says Clinton has been diagnosed with Pneumonia and is being treated by her doctor.