Han Solo Movie Blows-Up in Scandal

Han Solo Movie Blows-Up in Scandal

Ron Howard swoops in to save the day. As Hollywood reels from the news about the firing of Han Solo Directors Lord and Chris Miller due to “creative differences,” which is Hollywood lingo for executives are getting in the way of creativity, one has to wonder. Are we entering into post-franchise phase in Hollywood?

Lucasfilms President Kathleen Kennedy seems to be the one to blame. She ran a really tight ship and even though the Lego movie team is known for their comedic elements, she wouldn’t let them do what they had to do. According to one source, “She didn’t even like the way they folded their socks!”

It seems that Lucasfilms is taking a more conservative approach to Star Wars. Something I and many, many fans don’t want to see! We liked Star Wars for being forward thinking and dare I say, progressive. With new ideas, and different aliens. The new movies Han Solo included has none of this! Either filling in the holes nobody cares about or wants filling in. Or rehashing the plots of old movies while introducing other human characters that despite their good portrayals aren’t really needed in a galaxy far, far away.

In a post-franchise Hollywood, the Star Wars prequels are so much better than the two other movies that have come out, and I’m not holding out much hope for Han Solo. Han Solo was a young character when we first see him, what else is there to say about him?

Han Solo might be to Star Wars what Iron Fist is to Marvel, however the difference with Star Wars is that they have the potential to be much more. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a mature franchise that has direction. Star Wars is still relatively young, and can go in so many different directions. It’s a shame Lucasfilms doesn’t see this clearer. Stay away from the old stuff. No more Darth Vader, DeathStar, Skywalkers or Solos. Think of new ideas.

I’ll ask the hard question no fan wants to hear, is Star Wars doomed to fail?