Halt and Catch Fire Renewed for Fourth and Final Season

Halt and Catch Fire Renewed for Fourth and Final Season

AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire’s Season 3 2 hour finale harkens back the 1990s in more ways than one, as our gang gets ready to connect the world to the World Wide Web.

But it’s a blessing that AMC has decided to finish the story of our favorite computer programmers who start up a company called Mutiny in the late 1980s during the dot-com bubble. The series which focuses on the early rise of silicon valley holds a special place in my heart. I rank it among my most favorite TV shows ever. The show has seen shaky ratings from AMC but they will keep it going until a fourth and final season for the good of the fans.

It not only does a good job portraying the timeline of technology and how rapidly it evolves, but it also is a well written drama series that explores computer culture and takes the history of geekdom, into the future. As it looks like Halt and Catch Fire won’t quite reach 2016 in their timeline, I have a feeling the smartphone is going to be a HUGE component of the latter half of the last season of the show.