Glenn Beck is Changing the Future of Politics

Glenn Beck is Changing the Future of Politics

Humbling interviews with the mainstream media, Glenn Beck’s voice is soothing as he speaks about his desire to see the world in a better light, on NPR.  If you did a double-take after reading that analysis, you are not alone! It was probably three months ago, when I first heard this new and improved Glenn Beck on the radio.

Since, then Beck has taken his oddly compassionate message of empathy around the country. He’s seemingly not asking for forgiveness for his behavior in the past decade. Behavior that has sparked conspiracy theories and fear throughout America. Instead he focuses on uniting the country and trying to get people to actually talk to one another, instead of about one another.

After he toured the country with Ted Cruz’s campaign. The staunch conservative fear-monger that he used to be, seems to be no more. As his enterprise dwindles to rubble and leaves long-time allies along with the rest of the media scratching their heads, wondering just what he is up to. Well let me theorize here, Beck is reinventing himself to be the perfect savior in a shattered post-trump political world.

In an age where the Republican Party is about to be split in two, and Donald Trump might become President, Glenn Beck seems to have seen the errors of his ways and is perhaps a little frightened of the monster that he has created. This revelation has come from great soul searching and at a great loss of personal wealth to the man who basically created the alt-right. It has everyone asking, what’s next for Glenn Beck?

During more than a decade of obsessing over politics, I myself have changed just as Beck has. One could argue that we all have. When I was 13 years old, I was a conspiracy theory nut who believed in aliens and the illuminti. Now I run a blog defending those very same elites that I was railing against in my youth. Yet I’m still young, and I have a lifetime to live. There is no question, my political views will change once again, as does everyone’s!

Yet, in the political world, being an ever changing hypocrite can have devastating consequences. Just look at how Mitt Romney had to answer for everything he had ever said he might be for or against, but now? Now we have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One of them is blatantly lying to their supporters, the other just goes around the country and tailors each speech to whatever crowd they are talking too. These two descriptions can even be used to describe each candidate simultaneously!

It’s a humbling experience to read and to listen to people who still believe in the crazy stuff as you did just over a decade ago. You know you know better, and you just hope that they will be able, snap out of it! But some people never do, and it seems that Glenn Beck has.

While I believe that Beck’s political evolution is a genuine one, and he’s not just trying to sell it. That doesn’t mean he’s finished as a political commentator. Once the Mainstream media forgives him, and they eventually will. For Beck, the sky will be the limit.

As Silicon Valley libertarian values seep deeper into politics, we on the happy right, need a voice and Beck might just be that voice. A voice that says, it’s OK to stay positive. It’s OK to be happy. It’s OK to change.