Futurama’s Future on Netflix Still Looks Bleak

Futurama’s Future on Netflix Still Looks Bleak

Fox’s anti-science fiction image looks really bad now.

Instead of re-upping with Streaming channel, Netflix. Most of their hit sci-fi shows have left the network. The last one to go; Futurama. The internet’s favorite TV Show.

Anybody following the Television industry, as closely as I do. Knows about the contract disputes between Netflix and Fox. Netflix apparently poached two Fox branding executives from the network. And it looks like there’s bad blood between the two companies now. There is little information to go on but it appears that Fox has indeed pulled it’s license with Netflix as no Fox shows are currently on the website and the last to go will expire in April.

Fox meanwhile has been pumping money into lucrative deals with Fubo, Hulu, and Facebook as alternative modes of streaming content. It’s also ramping up content for it’s Fox Now App. 21st Century Fox seems to be building an all encompassing omnipotent streaming network, and it might just leave Netflix in the dust!