Facebook Watch Rolls out All-Star News Lineup

Facebook Watch Rolls out All-Star News Lineup

Since cutting trending topics, Facebook has quietly launched a omni-news channel on Facebook Watch.

Facebook’s news shows feature the familiar faces of Anderson Cooper, Jorge Ramos, Shepard Smith, Abby Huntsman, and various anchors from CNN, Fox News, ABC News, AL.com, and Mic. If Cable TV Networks ever die, and that’s not likely to happen any time soon, then these news anchors will be the last ones standing.

Facebook is working hard to fix the mistakes of the past year, and has recently launched a traditional media campaign which basically tells their users that they are sorry for handling their data improperly due to Cambridge Analytica and other firms as was recently discovered.

But traditional media giants like Rubert Murdoch fear Facebook taking over the news industry. Because there is a very good chance that Facebook could kill traditional advertisement in less than a decade. That, and the fake news that spreads like wildfire on the platform is the reason why Facebook decided to play nice with the traditional media companies. Offering them a platform now, will make things go a lot easier for the future. No matter what Facebook does to please the traditional media these days, some of them won’t survive. For a moment it looked as if Facebook was going down thanks to the various scandals plaguing the social network, but for now, the ship has steadied.

So traditional media should be scared. A scandal of that size would have taken down numerous companies (SONY Hack), but Facebook is preparing disrupt the media industry in a way not seen since the creation of Fox News. And compared to Facebook Watch, Fox News will seem like a joke. The brands and shows that go on Facebook Watch now, may live through the bloodshed.