Facebook is a Media Empire, it Just Doesn’t Know it Yet

Facebook is a Media Empire, it Just Doesn’t Know it Yet

As Facebook sees the problem with people sharing fake news on the social network. It is a huge problem in that many believe the hype of these click-bait viral marketing campaigns (Of which my site is not a part of). It’s a big part of Donald Trump’s rise to power. You have free speech activists absolutely livid about the idea that Facebook will work to warn users of these types of stories.

The question is why? Why do the people who are supposedly for the spread of speech, want to get that confused with the spread of fake news? A lot of this has to do with the notion that somehow Facebook has been blocking conservative “news” sites. Which has been debunked many times. That is a ridiculous conclusion to make anyway, because I have seen more liberal and conservative news being shared than not.

But, the righteous conservative media shouldn’t be acting all high and mighty here. The right wing media, and the alternative YouTube media use the same tactics that established media sites use. They also use click-bait to fool their users into clicking on a title or a article. It’s worse because any partisan small media company needs to use these methods and other unnamed sources or conspiracy theories to drive traffic to their website and compete in the big leagues. I do not do this. My site is just analysis. Regardless how you see the Mainstream media, the way these sites operate and I am talking about the Breitbarts, the Infowars, and the Thinkprogress’s of the world, along with any truth-to-power YouTube channel, are ten times worse!

Any advocate for free speech should not also be an advocate for fake news. This is not and should not be a partisan argument. Yet you have some of the most powerful conservative voices proclaiming that they don’t like this and that every other source, but their own is “fake.” That’s the entire problem that Facebook is looking to rectify!

The news shouldn’t be a partisan echo-chamber and most studies show that all this new content is so overwhelming to most Americans that they just follow the sources that agree with them, because in the age of the millennial, anything else is uncomfortable.

As Facebook turns into a media empire, what with the introduction of Facebook Live. Facebook needs to work diligently here, not to block the spread of Fake News, but just to regulate it a little bit. I welcome any methods Facebook comes up with for warning users that stories that they are reading might not be true. For twenty years the internet has become a place where people can say basically anything they want. Many of those people are attention seekers or trolls. Maybe it’s time to stop that, and if Facebook does, it will emerge as one of the top media empires in the world! If done right Facebook can become a brand people will be able to trust. March forward Zuckerberg, you are on to something golden here.