Donald Trump Watched The Van Jones Show

Donald Trump Watched The Van Jones Show

The Van Jones show has had a successful first episode. Hours after it aired, it’s still trending on Twitter and the President himself watched it.

Despite insisting that he doesn’t watch a lot of TV, (we all know he does), Trump continues to hate-watch the network he loves to bash. CNN’s The Van Jones Show, premiered to positive reviews with rapper Jay-Z leading the way.

It’s unclear how much influence Jay-Z had on that impact, but as he talked racial politics with Van Jones, the President weighed in this morning with a tweet.

I’m not really sure what policies Trump is talking about here, but that’s not the point. The point is, Trump watched The Van Jones Show, but maybe not the whole thing. You see, maybe Trump wasn’t paying attention when Van Jones asked Jay-Z that very question before his response:

Or maybe he’s just doing what narcissistic trolls on twitter do best. It looks like Trump didn’t take my advice and instead has found yet another show to watch.