Disney to Launch It’s Own Streaming Service

Disney to Launch It’s Own Streaming Service

Disney is no longer going to be shackled by the likes of Netflix, so you better get your Disney fix while you still can, unless you want to pay for an extra streaming service.

Beginning in 2019, all Disney movies will be purged from Netflix as they prepare to launch their own streaming service to compete with the site in 2019. Many people are wondering what that means for the larger Disney universe. Disney is one of the largest media companies in the world and they have properties that range from Mickey Mouse to the Avengers. Does this mean that Netflix won’t get any of those franchises? It does seem that way, on the surface. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger stressed that Disney will continue to work with Netflix especially where the Heroes for Hire (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) franchises are concerned.

It seems every single Universe or Franchise or cable channel wants people to pay for their own streaming site. The people wanted to choose their own cable channel. We just don’t want to pay $6 a month for each channel! It seems that Disney wants to create their own movies and TV shows specifically for the service. One caveat in every single cable deal is of course ESPN, which Disney owns, and has been the nuisance behind a lot of the telecoms’ failure to innovate. ESPN will find a streaming home on this streaming service along with Disney originals!

This comes 24 hours after Netflix announced it’s deal to acquire Millarworld, it’s own comic book universe. Netflix clearly sees itself as a smaller Disney type startup. Disney hopes to be a grueling competitor in the future streaming space. With this new service in 2019; It just might give Netflix a run for it’s money. Perhaps the entire Disney universe will come together after all.