Did Trump Use Hurricane Harvey for Political Cover?

Did Trump Use Hurricane Harvey for Political Cover?

The media had to deal with a Friday night news dump from the White House late in the middle of their coverage of Hurricane Harvey. A couple of people resigned and Trump pardoned ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio. I don’t see anyone happy about this pardon besides for Joe Arpaio. I see a lot of pushback on Trump for doing this and not going through the official channels. It took me awhile to analyze this one, I didn’t want to go out of the gate and criticize him for doing something that he does have power to do, but it looks like he didn’t even do this correctly!!!!!

Not to mention that he obviously used the hurricane for political cover and it will be Trump’s doom when the nail comes down ever so hard on Donny’s shiny head. This move would have been even more controversial if not for it happening under a controversial President. Imagine what would happen if this happened during a normal news hour under a normal President? If Mitt Romney did something like this you would have wall to wall coverage about it but because this is Trump, it was shamelessly swept under the rug..

Once again Trump proves his unwillingness to go through official channels and go ahead on a whim and a tweet to do whatever he wants without consulting anybody. If he had, he would have realized that he can’t just pardon someone by tweet. A process which usually requires seven layers of review and an FBI background check. If he had consulted with someone, Trump would also learn that it looks like he is helping his friends and supporters instead of letting the justice department do it’s job on it’s own. Which may be just enough patterns for Robert Mueller to prove obstruction of justice, if not collusion itself.

Trump proves time and time again that he isn’t trying to be President to all Americans, by constantly slapping red meat to his base and ignoring everyone else, who told him not to do this.