Did Kanye West Just Begin His 2020 Campaign?

Did Kanye West Just Begin His 2020 Campaign?

Kanye West just cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour for no official reason. Did he just begin his 2020 campaign after having a political epiphany? Or does Kanye West actually care about backlash?

At the cost of $10+ Million Kanye West has just scarified what most Americans will never see in their lifetime, and we don’t know the reason why! Now, this site is not a celebrity tracking site. This site tracks franchises, technology, media, and politics. So why I am writing about Kanye West of all people???

It’s simple, Kanye West is obviously running for President. Ever since he mentioned the possibility last year. West has been dwelling on politics and the political Kanye has revealed himself a lot in the past few days now. Ever since he got into a bit of a tough position with his fans by saying he supports and would have voted for Donald Trump, if he voted. Kanye has been known for interjecting his political stances into his concerts, especially in the year 2016.

An actual politician would be, at this point in their career, planning for the 2020 races. If they had just come from campaigning in the 2016 election. I don’t think Kanye cares much about any backlash that he gets from any remark that he makes to the public. That’s what people like him thrive off of. In fact, it already slightly resembles the Trump campaign. Remember when Trump complained that nobody calls Hannity?

So it wouldn’t make sense for Kanye to cancel his tour because he shows support for our Democratic System. Something else may be at play here. In that Kanye may be fully invested in the running for President idea and he wants to get started right now! Maybe his politics has interrupted his music and creativeness. Maybe he has lost the passion for the concert and is finished with music entirely. Whatever the case, I will be keeping a very close eye on Kanye West’s potential political future here.