Designated Survivor Tries To Make a Big Deal Out of Suckergate

Designated Survivor Tries To Make a Big Deal Out of Suckergate

In some instances Suckergate, was a peak back at what politics used to be. That when a leader in power messed up and got caught in an embarrassing gaffe, they cared. In another case, Designated Survivor Episode Season 2 Episode 5 “suckers,” makes us wish the leader of the free world calling the American people suckers, was the least of our worries.

It’s not. Trump lashes out on twitter daily, and throws poop at whoever he’s pissed off at at that particular time. It doesn’t matter if it’s Democrats, Republicans, or random journalists and judges, and for females, size or shape. Donald Trump’s mannerisms has changed political discourse for the worse. With public officials refusing to talk to reporters by asking hard questions and calling their questions, “fake news,” and the tone deaf remarks Trump throws out to his rabidly extreme base. With today’s toxic partisan culture, sucker-gate just doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

Perhaps it’s our eternal optimism when it comes to the Trump administration, that politics will get back to normal once he is out. That political discourse and how things were run before will snap back to reality. President Kirkman offered us a bit of optimism when he refused to use dirty against a Republican Congressman and instead called himself a sucker. Aw how touching

Nah Uh, that won’t work these days Designated Survivor writers.