Designated Survivor is to Donald Trump as Madam Secretary is to Hillary Clinton

Designated Survivor is to Donald Trump as Madam Secretary is to Hillary Clinton

The uncanny resemblance of the TV shows, Designated Survivor and Madam Secretary to real life may seem very familiar to people. That’s because they are not only shows that are political dramas. Taking stories straight from the headlines and putting them into their plots, but the overarching themes are played out in our own very real election!

For three  years CBS’s Madam Secretary developed a niche audience of viewers interested in global policy, foreign affairs and perhaps gender politics? Despite that statement the show itself focuses on a female secretary of state. What else? Remind you of anybody in real-life??? Despite, Creator Morgan Freeman’s assurances that the show is not about Hillary Clinton, and I must say that the main character acts nothing like her, much to the dismay of Conservative grumbling about propaganda. The comparisons are there.

Now ABC, has the answer to the Hillary Clinton of TV. Enter Designated Survivor probably the best new show on Network Television. It focuses on a what a guy has to deal with when the entire Government gets blown up in a terrorist attack on our Nation’s Capital. Remind you of anybody in real-life??? What does Donald Trump and his supporters ultimately want to do? They don’t necessarily want to blow up the government, but they DO want to refresh it, kick everyone out, and practically start over from scratch. Most of Designated Survivor’s newly minted Tom Kirkman’s day is focused on trying to rebuild the government and as does the character of Tom Kirkman show flashes of brilliance in all the chaos of a crumbling government, so too does Donald Trump show in a crumbling campaign.