Dear Donald Trump, Mike Pence is A Better Republican Than You!

Dear Donald Trump, Mike Pence is A Better Republican Than You!

Dear Donald Trump,

Mike Pence is leaps and bounds better at this than you are!

The clear winner of the VP Debate was Mike Pence. Everyone knows it. Even after some disgruntled reality checks, Donald Trump himself admitted how great Pence did. Trump also went on to say that since Pence was his first hire this effectively shows his leadership abilities, despite all the firings he has done throughout his campaign.

That being said, while I don’t like everything Mike Pence stands for as a Republican, he has a much better track record than Donald Trump. But since this election has never been one about issues, I’ll let readers research that themselves. Now back to the debate performance, Pence looked calm and collective trying his hardest to defend Trump while Tim Kaine couldn’t get a point in edgewise because he just kept talking over Pence.

While Pence lied to the American people as he defended Trump, Kaine kept on pushing and Pence remained unshaken. We have not seen this type of behavior from Donald Trump, ever.

From his 3 AM Twitter rants to his unhinged attacks on Women he doesn’t like, Donald Trump has not shown what it takes to be a Republican. He has not passed any tests or has shown to hold any principled policy stances. As long as people say Yes to Donald Trump, and give him what he wants, he remains happy. Criticize him as a public person and prepare to face the onslaught that’s going to come your way.

Mike Pence in retrospect does not hold any of these brash qualities. He is calm and collective and has a grasp of policy that Trump only wishes he could attain. You can’t learn that much by watching the media. I suspect that this new strategy is all Chris Christe’s doing with blessing from Kellyanne Conway. We’ll see what happens in the next Debate, Trump would wish he was Pence, and I wish this ticket was reversed. Pence/Christie 2020?? We’ll see.