Could Olaf’s Frozen Adventure End Disney Shorts?

Could Olaf’s Frozen Adventure End Disney Shorts?

Disney has always played shorts of other movies before it’s own kids movies. That was the case with Coco. However, Disney decided to do something different this time. Instead of a regular 5 minute slot, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a whopping 22 minutes long. For reference that is the same length as a regular episode of a sitcom on TV.

Maybe it didn’t understand the appeal of Coco and was worried about it’s success so it thought it needed another one of it’s franchises in there to make things better and to push merchandise. Not the case! Audiences did not like the short, and they didn’t sign up for it either.

The problem with it is that Coco does not start until forty minutes after the movie is advertised to start and people are not happy. Apparently this was always going to be a marketing stunt on Disney’s end. Olaf had a deal for a limited set run time in theaters before Coco. The “promotion,” will end this week. Disney maybe should have more faith in their original ideas, since Coco is actually destroying Justice League in theaters! Frozen’s time in the spotlight may be ending…