Could Chicago Hazmat be The Fifth Chicago TV Show?

Could Chicago Hazmat be The Fifth Chicago TV Show?

Daniel di Tomasso has rocked Chicago Fire. Introduced casually this season as a love interest for Kidd, one of the other firefighters, Zach has quickly caught on and has since become a new fan favorite for the social media loving franchise.

It’s not often that a new character breaks in to an established TV show that’s been on for years, but Tomasso’s Zach shows way more potential than a fling. Take for instance the way in which his character was established. He was first introduced as the leader of the Hazmat Team!

This is significant as rumors are flying around Chicago that Dick Wolf has an idea in mind for a fifth Chicago TV show and Co-Creator Derek Haas has called Hazmat Zach, his favorite story-line this season. In Hollywood we’ve seen this story before (Better Call Saul, NCIS). Actor gets recognized on a TV show as someone who could potentially lead a series all on his own, and poof that series is made and universes are extended!

As if there needs to be any more basis for this theory, based on his social media activity, Tomasso himself seems to be embracing the character way more than he should. Now of course, I could chalk that up to plain old professional excitement, but I’d like to think that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and not just for Stella Kidd.