Comic-Con 2017: The Supernatural Universe is Finally Open for Business

Comic-Con 2017: The Supernatural Universe is Finally Open for Business

Heading into it’s 13th season in October, The CW gave back to the fans by granting Conan O’Brien rare, exclusive access to the Winchesters as his first guests for Comic-Con week.

Up against Wonder Woman, the Justice League, Marvel, Star Wars, Westworld and even Transformers, Supernatural holds its own as a classic sci-fi show. It’s huge fanbase, originality, and the amazing onscreen chemistry that “brothers” Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have has only solidified itself as one of the most powerful science fiction/fantasy franchises in the world. So it’s only fitting that they essentially open Comic-Con 2017, a good year for such franchises! Supernatural seems to be larger than normal at Comic-Con 2017 with a bunch of events planned throughout the week.

As I wrote last year, when I pondered why Supernatural has such a closed off universe, “Considering that Supernatural has basically spearheaded and maintained The CW’s hold on supernatural branded shows ever since the Network launched, in 2006. Supernatural itself could be considered a franchise starter, but only on very loose terms. It’s currently one of the only shows on the CW’s massive slate of original content that doesn’t have any footing in the other shows it airs. The CW is famous for it’s DC Arrowverse and it’s slowing down it’s Vampire Diaries’ Universe. These on the CW make up a large chunk or their top original programming.”

The Supernatural/Arrow Crossover Event would be one of the most highly anticipated crossovers in TV history.

Now that closed off attitude is apparently changing and the call for that change is spear-headed by none other than Arrow star, Stephen Amell. He wants to do an Arrow/Supernatural Crossover and the Supernatural stars seem willing.

Of course, it’s always about schedules, but since all three stars are talking about this crossover out in the open, it only means one thing. If this crossover were to happen that means, the Supernatural universe is not only open for business (for the first time), but it would be the first major original TVerse to crossover with an established classic universe e.g. DC. The stars want to do it, but they don’t have to do it! It’s gotta be right.

In the meantime, Supernatural fans can look forward to the Scooby-Doo crossover episode next year, as well as Spin-off series Wayward Sisters. Supernatural building out its franchise potential is very, very exciting.