CNN’s No Good Very Bad Week

CNN’s No Good Very Bad Week

It depends on who you ask, but it appears that the right wing campaign against CNN, is bringing down the cable news network, according to right wing sources that is.

It all began when CNN retracted a story about Russia when faced with a $100 Million lawsuit by Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci. A single anonymous person apparently was the sole source used for a story sliming Scaramucci and his involvement with the Trump campaign, Russian meetings, and a Russian Investment firm.

Three journalists resigned from the network as a result of the story and the White House was celebrating! Their take down of CNN was all but imminent.

Then comes in serial liar James O’Keefe who drops “bombshell video,” about a CNN “Medical Supervisor,” John Bonifield saying that the Russia Collusion story is fake! To the right wing who believe it, this is amazing news. It means that someone working in CNN (Who isn’t very high up on the food chain politically) is saying that the Russia story is fake. That’s a CNN employee who agrees with them. OMG! It must be true!!!!!

Any objective person knows that CNN is at no fault whatsoever for journalistic malpractice like the Trump team is leading countless online trolls to believe. CNN was right to take down the piece about Scaramucci. The journalists who participated in that were right to resign. John Bonifield is allowed to have personal opinions and even political views that don’t seem to align with the organization he works for. That is what makes this country so great. That is what America is all about. Freedom!

What might make matters worse for CNN is the political fallout of all this. Parent Company Time Warner is currently in the middle of merging with AT&T. Obviously people who work in Congress are overseeing the bid and various parties have interest in either approving the merger or not. The interesting thing is Trump and his team are actually favorable to the business of AT&T, especially due to their fights against Net Neutrality. Will CNN face consequences for this political attack against them? Will AT&T swallow them up and create a whole new network in the face of this merger? Highly unlikely.