CNN’s Facts First Campaign Takes Off

CNN’s Facts First Campaign Takes Off

Since politics these days has become more about my side is right, rather than what is actually right or what is actually the truth/reality. CNN is getting fed up and has released an ad to highlight the ridiculous state of our current political discourse.

What do you do when you are pissed off at a political leader but you can’t launch campaign ads against them, because you aren’t a politician or part of a campaign? What do you do when you see alternative facts sweeping the nation? You mock it, subtly and that’s just what CNN is doing with the rollout of their new ad campaign.

Declaring what is and what is not an Apple, once and for all. It also reminds me of the Silicon Valley NotHotDog episode. it isn’t a blatant partisan ad. They don’t mention Trump by name, Republicans, or any policy. It’s simply the truth. Most of the people who have seen the ad agree that the ad is about Trump. Even, the Trump supporters are upset by the ad and are attacking CNN for releasing it.

So then, the ad holds a bit of truth to it does it not? Conservatives and Liberals alike have all poked fun at the CNN ad, but in the age of Trump any publicity is good publicity! Let’s just say CNN has them eating out of the palm of their hand.