Cloverfield and …Has Fallen Become Franchises

Cloverfield and …Has Fallen Become Franchises

In Hollywood’s latest attempt to make anything into a franchise, you can count the Cloverfield and Has Fallen series’ among the crowded fields of shared universes.

JJ Abrams’ monster flicks Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane will be joined together by a secret project code-named The God Particle (name change pending), and apparently Abrams has more ideas for more films. In fact, it’s been known that Abrams would like to develop at least one film that takes place in the Cloverfield universe per year. As the Cloverfield films are only very loosely connected to each other, the Cloverfield universe is an interesting development in cinema and JJ will have plenty of material to work with.

Due to the relatively low budget of what can only be described as Gerard Butler’s version of a Die Hard spin-off, and based off the first film in the saga, Olympus Has Fallen. The lower budget threequel is called Angel Has Fallen. While Angel refers to Air Force One, and NOT the angelic creatures from biblical lore (Come on you know you want to watch Butler fight a bunch of angels, instead.). Here’s hoping the fourth film in the franchise is called, Heaven Has Fallen.