Chicago Med Plants the Seeds for Hawaii Spin-off

Chicago Med Plants the Seeds for Hawaii Spin-off

The battle between new doctors came to a close on last night’s Chicago Med.

Fans of the show were left shocked when Dr. Jeff Clarke played by Jeff Hepher didn’t get the coveted spot on Chicago Med, and instead, was shipped off to the island of Hawaii. The spot instead going to Noah Sexton played by Roland Buck III.

First appearing in Season 2 of Chicago Fire back in 2013 Clarke got injured and went on to study medicine. Jeff’s character was one of the first characters to jump TV shows and cement himself even further into the One Chicago Family. Fans desperately wanted Jeff to become a series regular on Chicago Med where he eventually ended up, but last night that hope vanished and fans left defeated. Many thought it didn’t make sense.

Jeff’s character, was not only a good doctor, but he was a guy that a lot of the Chicago Franchises’ fans could relate to- a middle aged guy succeeding in a new field. With the political climate the way it is, it was inspiring to see a Chicago Firefighter jump ship to become a doctor, no matter how unrealistic that story line might have been. Noah Sexton on the other hand, is a kid who is learning the ropes, and that’s been done to death!

So as fans cry their hearts out today, perhaps there might be a silver lining in Jeff Hephner leaving the show. As a fan of Jeff Hephner myself, I know he can easily become a lead in a new TV series. I welcome the thought that Dick Wolf might be thinking about taking his family on a permanent vacation to Hawaii. As long as Branscombe Richmond is included in the cast too! Hey, it works for Hawaii Five-0!