Chicago Justice’s Law & Order Connection Revealed

Chicago Justice’s Law & Order Connection Revealed

It seems Chicago Justice is set on becoming the next big legal franchise on TV now that the Good Wife is done, and done hogging all of the hot air in the room. In fact, the Chicago Justice team can take advantage of The Good Wife strategy, by having a revolving door of character lawyers from the past, much like how those same lawyers on The Good Wife are now popping up on The Good Fight.

It was revealed in second episode of the  double installment of Chicago Justice this week, that the show ties into the lawyer world of not just the city of Chicago, but it also harkens back to the City of New York’s fictional past.

While it was interesting at times to see Law & Order SVU crossover with Chicago PD from time to time, as it is the only remaining Law & Order show left on the air, it does seem a little odd at first glance. Now, however, Dick Wolf has rectified that awkwardness by expanding upon this interconnected court system that apparently spans generations.

90s lawyer Paul Robinette comes back to do a case with Assistant State’s Attorney Peter Stone in Episode 2. They are on opposing sides but find pride in making Benjamin Stone proud, he just happens to be Peter Stone’s father and the original lawyer in the early days of Law & Order.

After the case Peter calls his father. so this leaves room for Michael Moriarty who played Benjamin Stone to return, even if it’s just to visit his son. I’m guessing McCoy could easily come back too. What other L&O alumni would you like to see come back?