Chicago Justice Goes Pro-Gun; Pays Homage to Justice Scalia

Chicago Justice Goes Pro-Gun; Pays Homage to Justice Scalia

Chicago Justice grows balls, in what is one of the best arguments about gun rights I’ve ever heard on TV.

Gun control is one of the most polarizing issues in the country, and even moreso in Chicago where at any given time a gun death could make national headlines just because of location.

So conservatives might be surprised to learn that Chicago Justice accurately portrayed their side and on top of it painted liberal anti-gun guys as nutcases!

I’ve summarized the two basic arguments that Justice portrayed on the show here:

  • The pro-gun side: that mass shootings at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech might have been prevented if someone had shot the shooter?
  • The anti-gun side: that there is opposition to guns given the amount of gun violence in this country and that if someone shot up the NRA, things would change?

Who can say which side is right at this point? I don’t even participate in these types of debates anymore due to their polarizing nature. Chicago Justice appears to be saying the same thing with their objective view on the law. They then go out and respectfully honor Justice Scalia. Being that he went to school in Chicago, it is likely that he has worked with some lawyers there.

I must stress that I do not think that this was intentionally made to be a right wing leaning episode. I think the greatness of this show is that it is not polarizing! It tries more than any other show that I’ve watched to look evenly at both sides of any issue that pops up, but in a time where Hollywood Celebs give PSA speeches about how bad guns are. Last Sunday’s episode of Chicago Justice, might just be what we needed.