Chicago Fire Hits 100 Episode Milestone

Chicago Fire Hits 100 Episode Milestone

Chicago Fire: The show that put Dick Wolf back on the map after losing touch with Law & Order has now reached the all important 100th episode milestone.

This is an important development in the Chicago Franchise because it’s the fifth season of the Firefighter drama and it’s been a ratings super hit for NBC averaging a consistent 7 Million viewers an episode since the start of the series. The Franchise consists of the aforementioned Chicago Fire which gave way to Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med dramas. So Chicago Fire is already responsible for two successful spinoffs with a third ready to air this winter; Chicago Justice.




With a close cast and a rich social media presence Dick Wolf has captured something special with this franchise and with a potential fifth series on the way, Wolf’s name could potentially own every day of the week on NBC. NBC has nothing but praise for Wolf’s creative genius and they are also talking about a potential New York spinoff franchise.

Chicago Fire has essentially changed the landscape of Television. In that any character from any of these four shows have already appeared in multiple episodes with each other. Characters can date each other, marry each other, fight with each other and we know who they are as intimately as we do the characters on the other show! On top of that. This franchise, deals with cops, firefighters, lawyers, and medical personnel who truly work together in real life as well. Why just focus on one portion of the city?




The One Chicago Family, is so important to the history of the TV franchise industry in general because others have started to see and copy Wolf’s genius. Namely the DC TV Arrow-verse could have been inspired by the One Chicago Crossover event that happened last year when all three shows combined in one massive story, much like the much hyped and pretty unsuccessful Arrow-verse DC crossover which managed to combine four different TV shows into one huge story line. The jury is still out on that one if The CW ever wants to attempt to do that again, but we do know that there will be plenty more One Chicago crossover events in the coming years.


I think the difference between One Chicago and any other franchise crossover is that the characters are way more intimately involved with each other than they are on practically any other Television show. One Chicago is an unlimited landscape that keeps getting bigger and Chicago Fire just happens to be one of my favorite Television shows of all time!