Can Misty Knight Save Iron Fist in Season 2?

Can Misty Knight Save Iron Fist in Season 2?

Luke Cage is probably my favorite Netflix Marvel show, he also ranks pretty high on my overall list of favorite Superheroes. So fans were welcomed with the news last night that Luke Cage Alum Misty Knight will be joining Iron Fist. Oh yeah, and the fact that Iron Fist will be renewed in the first place comes as more of a shock to the system!

Marvel’s Luke Cage

By reading the hate-filled reviews Iron Fist has been Netflix’s most critically analyzed TV series of all time, and it seemed like nobody found anything good about it! But being the fourth cornerstone in The Defenders, people wanted to hate-watch it. Netflix says Iron Fist ratings are spectacular. The practice of binge-watching a TV show that isn’t any good, just because you want to be kept in the loop. Or at least get to know who Danny Rand is when one is watching the Defenders later this fall.

Here’s hoping that the hardened investigator, will be able to give Danny Rand a good dose of reality check. But even Misty Knight, won’t be able to single-handedly save Iron Fist from itself. However, that doesn’t mean Netflix won’t fix the show in other ways.