Cable Networks Expand Hurricane Coverage

Cable Networks Expand Hurricane Coverage

As cable news channels covered Hurricanes for weeks, a rousing debate has threatened the decades long tradition of reporters standing in the middle of storms. At one point CNN’s Chris Cuomo stated, “There is a strong argument to be made that standing in a storm is not a smart thing to do.” Yet, he was doing so!

As technology changes and live updates are available via new technologies like social media and drones, the criticism becomes that much more easy. It’s become a reality show. Something that in recent years the entire media landscape has been criticized for becoming, so if the media landscape needs to change, perhaps it best start with it’s storm coverage.

The danger of getting rid of Hurricane coverage is that we live in a seeing is believing mindset and that many people don’t believe stories unless it happened right in front of them. It could be the cause of the fake news nonsense that people love to throw around with stories that they don’t agree with. Another argument reporters claim is that if you don’t see the reporter on the ground getting blown around, you might not think it’s that bad outside.

There needs to be some compromise. There is no reason to have 24 hour live hurricane coverage.