Breitbart’s Media Empire Prepares for War

Breitbart’s Media Empire Prepares for War

Steve Bannon, Breitbart Chairman and ruler of the alt-right universe, has been freed from the confines of the United States Government and now the man can do whatever he wants! He’s returning to the website, His claim to fame, where he gained his notoriety and grew a media empire literally out of the ashes of one Andrew Breitbart.

Unshackled from the binds of tyranny, and boosted by his ties to the President, Breitbart will now be more powerful than ever before. Going on the website is a smorgasbord of right wing extremism and propaganda. What makes headline news except for the glorious return of their dear leader? Nothing else going on in the world is nearly as important as that.

When Steve Bannon left the news site, reports about breitbart’s doom and gloom were celebrated in Hollywood. The site apparently takes a hit whenever the President causes trouble for the alt-right movement that is indeed it’s niche. But the site still gets roughly 2 Billion page-views a year. In comparison, this site has only gotten 35,000 visitors for the first year of operation (Not too bad).

The problem is that even without advertising, which Bannon can get back now that he’s back running the ship,  Breitbart’s alt-right is a movement and Trump emboldened that movement last week. So Bannon may be out at the White House, but now as a private citizen, he can wage war and spread as much propaganda as he likes. He apparently has a few new targets in mind, and him knowing how much Trump is easily swayed by right wing extremism, he’s more than happy to have his finger on the trigger still.

Trump’s firing of Bannon and the promoting of Hope Hicks, a 28 year old model and one-time PR girl for Ivanka Trump, will not fix a doomed Presidency. In fact, since Hicks’ role in the White House is to simply sit there and look pretty, that means, that she is nothing but another yes man for the President.