Beat Shazam Renewed for Season 2

Beat Shazam Renewed for Season 2

As the TV show Beat Shazam gets renewed for Season 2, changing the direction of game shows forever, the future of this music recognition company now looks stronger than ever.

Shazam is becoming one of the most powerful brands of the 21st century. Valued at roughly $1 Billion with it’s unique recognition algorithms it’s in the unique position to take the world by storm in more ways than one.

With a newly minted advertising arm, Shazam is branching out into the AR world with Shazam for brands. Brands can partner with Shazam to create interactive digital experiences that are accessed through the app.

Shazam seems to be learning from Facebook’s early growth periods and as it matures into a mammoth app with over 1 Billion users, the direction for Shazam is clear. Facebook made headway in the developing world with Facebook lite, and that’s just what Shazam wants to do.

The TV show will only drive that traffic and propel it even further. It got an average of 4.4 million viewers on Fox and it generated 23 million mentions across all social media platforms. With an obvious IPO on the way and a future in virtual reality, Shazam could be one of the most sneaky social media apps to rise above the others.