Bayer Buys Monsanto


After months of rumors, speculations, and government oversight. Chemical maker Bayer buys the gigantic seed company that features in the nightmares of all conspiracy theorists everywhere. They bought Monsanto for a whopping $66 Billion but, they are still not out of the wind yet. International regulators are concerned about the merger but Bayer says it’s only merging with Monsanto because of the heavy competition that they face in the agribusiness.

As Reuters reports, this deal will mean that Bayer will control 1/4 of the world’s seeds and farming supplies. The dangerous brand name from Monsanto will also likely go away in favor of something more or less sinister sounding. Though the name of this new monstrosity has not been discussed. I’ve been saying for years that Monsanto needs to have a better image and crisis management, if it wants to repair it’s image this merger may be exactly what it needs!