Are the Pearson’s in This is Us Scared of Technology?

Are the Pearson’s in This is Us Scared of Technology?

Blame the crockpot! This is Us is stuck in the 90s. To say that This is Us is not a deep show would be wrong, it’s an incredibly emotional and moving show, yet what it is, is solely the Pearson Show.  It strays from current events and technological impacts that should be impacting a modern 21st century family. However, the story on This is Us is so self consumed that there aren’t even plugs for Google Homes or Hoverboards and I couldn’t tell you what computers they use if I tried.

The lack of technology that the Pearsons use in the TV show is bothering me so much that it finally forced me to write this fan theory, which starts with the crockpot.

Even when his neighbor gave him the device, Jack didn’t seem too thrilled with it. So their technological illiteracy might be even more deep-seated than I originally thought. Yet if there was ever any hope of repairing that fear of the unknown, Jack’s death by crockpot shut the door on that forever.

The characters on House of Cards, utilized text messaging and the news media, there was a whole episode of Modern Family filmed through their electronic devices, yet the Pearson’s barely use the phone. On This is Us there have been multiple episodes about fires or electric outages and car crashes; none about the more serious or positive impacts of technology through their years. In fact, in the Randall household iPad privileges are tightly controlled and used as punishment, though it’s a one off threat and it’s not like we’ve had the iPad episode yet.  Which honestly after two years following this family growing up, we really should have right? Though I do believe I saw a young Kevin pecking away at a Gameboy in one episode.

The show has even jumped 20-30 years in the future before, but based on the self-consumed scene you wouldn’t realize you were in the future. There were no holographic screens or hover cars zooming around in the background.

It could be argued that’s the point of the story. It’s too self consumed to be bothered with those topics but even the Crawley’s in Downton Abbey were marveled by advances in technology such as the telephone and kept up to date on the changing current events at the time.

For the Pearson’s there has been none of this talk, which could be part of the reason why they are so dysfunctional.