Apple Planning to Spend $1 Billion on Original Content

Apple Planning to Spend $1 Billion on Original Content

There is no word yet on if Apple has any franchises, intellectual property, or big studios in mind that they are looking at buying but the word is that they are looking at spending nearly a billion dollars to combat HBO, and Netflix in content. Surely that is what they have to do in order to compete in this crowded and fractured market.

Netflix, HBO, and in a sense CBS and Facebook already have a leg up on Apple who has been struggling to find a solid footing in well anything other than the iPhone. So this means that Apple will have to fight with those giant media companies just to get a piece of the TV/Streaming pie. Can they do it? Can the SONY executives that they poached from SONY find ten high profile concepts to beef up Apple TV? If the goal sounds lofty, that’s because it is.

To make one episode of HBO’s critically acclaimed Game of Thrones it reportedly takes $10 million. It’s also one of the top shows in the world! With a billion dollar war chest, Apple has to spend $10 million for each episode of ten new shows, and there’s no guarantee anyone will watch them. Apple has it’s eyes set on Hollywood, but so does every single other tech company. Once the deals are set you’ll be sure I will report on the franchises or properties that Apple needs in order to succeed. What they are though, I cannot possibly predict.