Apple Gets it’s Groove Back with Ipad Pro Ads

Apple Gets it’s Groove Back with Ipad Pro Ads

Remember back in 2006 when Apple showed those cute little Get a Mac ads starring Justin Long?

Well, we are seeing a refresh of that with a new campaign that focuses on the iPad Pro. Since Surface is dominating the competition and at first glance the iPad Pro only looks like a glorified iPad with a silly pen, something had to be done to convince the public to get one.

To the consumer they are catchy little “We hear you,” ads that have paranoid PC Users wishing there was an alternative out there. So if Word is all you need to make your iPad act like a computer, then that should be enough to convince users to buy it! Right?

As this new detachable tablet market place is revealed while the tablet market as a whole slowly shrinks due to lack of interest it’s interesting to see how Apple has steered it’s latest flagship product to the top of the pack.