And The Clock Struck Trump


There is a saying in politics, “A clock is right twice a day.”

It describes a moment when a crazy politician actually gets something right and he seizes the opportunity in order to cruise to victory or to successfully implement whatever agenda he has planned. That moment happened on 9/11-a seemingly cursed date for Hillary Clinton-of this year. The stumble seen ’round the world got everyone talking about one thing that should actually be very important. A Presidential Candidate’s Health.

For months and even a full year before now, some Right wing talk show hosts were insisting that something, anything was wrong with the Democrat Candidate. When she stumbled away from a 9/11 ceremony. All aspects of that video were analyzed and suddenly the tide turned.

The left decried the media for “falling for” the right-wing witch hunt that started months ago. The polls tightened and Donald Trump proudly displayed another one page  “history” of his health status to a friendly, unquestioning Dr. Oz. Donald Trump might as well already be the President. He was right! So he likes to proclaim.

There is a reason that stumble in particular will stick in the minds of most Americans at the voting booth. Clinton has spent the better part of her campaign trying to convince anybody that wasn’t a Democrat that she was the stronger and saner choice. Both Clinton’s are in actuality in terrible shape where physical appearances are concerned. Bill’s voice has gotten weak and shaky and he looks like a little kid now. He cannot command a room or an audience like he used to. Clinton looks downright fragile compared to Trump at this moment in time. If this election is about image. Trump wins hands down! This was always going to be an election about name recognition and image and Trump has it. This is NOT an election about issues.

I don’t want Trump to win, but I’m beginning to wonder if he can actually pull this off, because Hillary drank the poison a long time ago. She can’t beat a populist candidate. Especially in this condition. In this 24/7 media dominated society, the image that she was trying to form has shattered and now she is seen as a fragile old lady by the majority of Americans.  It doesn’t matter if it is a legitimizing right wing conspiracy theories or not. Not anymore at least. It doesn’t matter what actually happened or what she actually has. (it hasn’t in a long time)  She won’t be able to erase that from people’s minds in two months. Just to get back to the numbers that she had before she made the basket of deplorable comment? I don’t think so. All Trump has to do is beat that dead horse all over Florida and he wins. Trump also has to shut up and keep his head cool and so far he’s pretty much been doing that.

I’m a bit ashamed at the media for not demanding more about Donald Trump’s medical records. While Larry King showed us how it’s done last week, the story apparently wasn’t big enough to get anyone, to follow in his footsteps. They have a game plan and a blueprint to follow, but something tells me they may choose the ratings over the take-down piece.