American Idol Reborn at ABC

American Idol Reborn at ABC

American Idol, the father of reality singing competitions is coming back this season, but it will be on a different channel; ABC, and a perhaps a completely different city.

If rumors and common sense dictate which they almost never do around the annual TV upfront dealings, American Idol needs significant innovation and technological changes in order to be the successful powerhouse that it once was. It also shouldn’t be taped in Hollywood.

The problem with innovating a singing competition is that the ratings powerhouse, The Voice, has done practically everything that a fresh new American Idol could do. They have live eliminations, instant saves with tweets, and apps complete with live voting. American Idol struggled to do even half of those things.

Yet TV executives, especially those at ABC familiar with the deal, want us to believe in the power behind the American Idol brand. It has propelled some of the best singers into stardom while The Voice just doesn’t.