American Crime Story Gets A Very Early Season 3 Order

American Crime Story Gets A Very Early Season 3 Order

Supposedly a full two years away from airing- that’s in 2018, FX is already giving season 3 American Crime Story the greenlight. Not to be confused with ABC’s American Crime, which we already knew was renewed for a season third season earlier this year.

This is American Crime Story, the beloved show an Emmy dominated winner, about O.J. Simpson. It is a bit of a shock that the show has already gotten a season 3 renewal even before season 2 gets started filming! I have heard TV shows on cable get picked up for another season directly after the first one ends, but it looks like cable TV is putting more time investing into the longevity of their fan favorites.

American Crime Story season 2 will focus on Katrina and Season 3 will focus on the shocking assassination of Gianni Versace. Will those two stories be just as big as O.J. Simpson?? Not likely, but apparently the Versace was so good that FX had to sign on and the two seasons will be filmed at the same time.