Amazon Seeks Partnership with Dish Network

Amazon Seeks Partnership with Dish Network

A budding romance between E-Retailer Amazon and Dish is blooming according to those familiar with the deal.

It would be a massive win-win for both companies. Dish has been interested in creating a wireless network for some time, but it doesn’t have the reach, or the financing to compete with Verizon Wireless.

Amazon wants to create an “internet of things“, where everything you buy off Amazon will have wireless internet capabilities. Also this would mean a big deal for prime users. They would get a discount on the wireless service that Amazon would offer for the phones they make as well as the phones they sell.

While a complete merger with Amazon is unlikely, as Dish struggles to gain footing in this new digital world, with this partnership other revenue streams become instantly available to the satellite network. Amazon Prime users could get a discount for Dish content and Amazon might be able to crack the code that eluded Apple when it made it’s first and deadly foray into local TV. Could Amazon be the first streaming site to host local TV channels through more exclusive partnerships with Dish?

Despite the tantalizing offerings from the content streaming side of this potential relationship, what about the wireless deal? Is Amazon ramping up it’s efforts to create a 5G network and to speed up that innovation and bring it to the masses faster than AT&T and Verizon? As you can probably guess by just some of the exciting possibilities I have outlined in this post, Wall Street is loving this idea and they want it to not only happen but succeed. God Speed Jeff Bezos, God Speed!