Amazon Eyeing Lord of the Rings TV Series

Amazon Eyeing Lord of the Rings TV Series

Looks like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a huge LOTR fan and has been seeking information from the Tolkien estate about their plans to develop Lord of the Rings into a TV series.

It’s unexpected for Bezos to head up the discussions for anything on the Amazon Studios side, but as I detailed last week, this is a challenging time for the struggling network. Looks like Bezos himself could sweep in and buy the rights to the franchise himself.

It’s no secret that the Tolkien Estate has been generally unhappy with how the movie was produced. After a court battle that lasted since 2012, Warner Bros. and the Tolkien estate in July settled an $80 million dispute over The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings filmology. Now that that’s over with, the franchise can begin anew.

Amazon seems to have seen what happens when you breathe life into a old franchise. As CBS just did with Star Trek, can Amazon recreate that success with Jeff Bezos directly in charge? Can Amazon finally find it’s own Game of Thrones? Though the similarities of the shows would not be lost on the general public. There are always more LOTR stories to tell, in Tolkien’s massive fantasy world.